1820 House in Vermont
During the month of December in 2018, Alexandra created her own daily design challenge to complete one illustration every day. Her hope was primarily to have fun tapping into a small creative outlet with no end goal or client. Along the way, she picked up some new efficiencies in Adobe Illustrator and got to sketch every single day.
The Story
The Illustrations were part of a month-long personal design challenge to sketch and make a vector illustration every single day. Selected illustrations and original sketches are shown below. All illustrations originated from a hand sketch and then referenced in Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics. Each illustration was done using the pen tool and color palettes ranged every week, playing with different combinations. Before applying color, Alexandra made each illustration a grayscale tone to ensure contrast. Some days, the illustrations were very simple and usually inspired by some activity or object in daily life. 
Day 1 Illustration. This was a self portrait of myself, at my desk, working daily (and the Eames chair which I wish I had).
Backcountry Ski Gear Poster Illustration
Day 2 Illustration. Working with grunge textures and a full blue color scheme.
For more Illustrations, please check out Alexandra's Illustration Website

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