About the Design
The Dynamic Crate was a six week project during graduate school to create an installation. Driven by the concept of gorilla farmers market stands, the fabricated design is a pop-up structure to place standard milk crates used to carry produce. The design consists of two structures, each able to fit in a standard car and assembled with no nuts and bolts. Made out of 3/4″ plywood and cut using a CNC machine at a local fabrication shop, each piece is routed with a number in order to assemble in the field. Assembly takes about twenty minutes. Each piece of plywood slides into the next by means of half lap joints and a t-bone fillet. Each piece is also engraved with the CNC router to easily distinguish various pieces. The Dynamic Crate could be packaged and sold to any local farmer and, inadvertently works as a wonderful bookshelf in the home. The entire design was created using the digital software Rhinoceros. The project was also completed as a team of two, Scott Baker and myself during graduate school at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning.
Lap Joint routed using a CNC Machine and drawn in Rhinoceros 4.0
Standard produce crate designed to fit exactly in each compartment

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